The British “Surprise Entertainment” Craze

When it comes to musical entertainment in the United Kingdom, surprise entertainment is probably the one type of musical entertainment that enjoys the biggest growth in popularity in the last couple of years.

singing-waiters-newsSurprise entertainment includes such popular acts where performers appear at parties, corporate events or wedding receptions, usually unbeknownst to guests, disguised as waiters or security staff.

At some point, the entertainers such as the overly popular Singing Waiters from the UK will start with a professional music and dance performance to the surprise of those attending.

The popularity of surprise entertainment is equally high among private hosts of festive events all over the UK and occasions such as corporate events. In fact, uniqueness and professional performances of the singing waiters make them extremely popular among the business crowd that wants to make an impression on potential clients.

The Singing Waiters have an easy explanation for their immense popularity.

A spokesperson to the press: “You need to see it like that: a good portion of events where we perform are once-in-a-lifetime events such as weddings or anniversaries. It makes sense that folks want only the best for these types of rare events because they want them perfect and unforgettable for all the guests. It’s not uncommon that people spend a lot of money on everything from flowers to food and drink.

Skimping on the most important thing, and that would be the musical entertainment, sure wouldn’t make any sense! You don’t plan a great party that you want to be a success and creating a long-lasting impression and then get an average DJ for  20 bucks for the evening. Folks today want the best they can get. We are proud that we are today the U.K.’s most popular singing waiters – because with us, folks know what they get in return for the money!”

Report: UK TV Lacking Diversity

According to a new report that some consider as “shocking “, only 1.5% of television in the United Kingdom is made by directors of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) origin.

Their recently published study examined 55,000 episodes from 546 TV shows that aired on British television in 2013. The study concluded that directors coming from different ethnic backgrounds were significantly underrepresented .

Menhaj Huda, diversity chairman said to the press that the study shows how working in TV is what he called “inaccessible for far too many”. He said this signifies a failure to provide any kind of support for BAME talent.

The group Directors UK that is campaigning for the rights and better working conditions is currently representing more than 6000 British screen directors.

According to the recently released numbers, directors from ethnic backgrounds make up a mere 3.5% of the directing community.

What’s Great about Electronic Invoicing

If you have a business and haven’t heard about electronic invoicing yet this should interest you.

Pretty much like email has revolutionised the way many of us communicate today, whether it is for business or privately, electronic invoicing can provide you and your business a lot of advantages. Let me briefly explain here what electronic invoicing is.

electronic_invoiceBasically, it means that your business’ invoices are being converted into a digital (“electronic”) format and can then be sent and received over the Internet. This conversion of your invoice is usually done via a third-party provider service such as CloudTrade.

Would you do, you email the invoice to the service, they converted it and sent the electronic invoice on its way.

The entire process, sending and receiving of the electronic invoice obviously happens a lot quicker as sending paper invoices via postal mail. It happens instantly. Not only can this save considerable time, it can also help to avoid problems with lost mail.

Since electronic invoices are usually received and kept at one single central server it means also that the process of having to manually transfer invoicing data into an accounting system is not needed any longer. This means fewer errors and makes organisation and management of your invoices a lot easier as well.

What makes electronic invoices attractive for businesses are not only the above mentioned advantages but also the fact that it is affordable and compatible with your existing invoicing process. You don’t need to obtain special equipment and signing up with a electronic invoicing service will normally only cost you a small fee. Due to the simplicity of electronic invoicing you won’t have to train staff either.

Electronic invoicing can be ideal if you’re still looking for ways to save time and costs in your business. It is suitable for any type of business no matter the amount of invoices that need to be processed on a daily basis.

The Craze for Budget Gym Chains in the UK

Two weeks ago, the current craze for budget gym chains in the United Kingdom intensified again. The U.K.’s largest fitness gym chain, Pure Gym, bought out its rival LA fitness.

While Pure Gym did not officially disclose the purchase price for LA fitness, industry analysts have estimated the prize to about £80 million.

As a result of the buyout, Pure Gym will expand by another 32 fitness studios all across the United Kingdom which would bring the total of sites in the UK to 130.

Several of the premium fitness gyms in the United Kingdom are concerned by this buyout. They see this purchase as another step in an already difficult market where low-budget fitness chains are putting considerable pressure on its often smaller premium-service oriented rivals.

They head of Pure Gym, Mike Ashley however talks about how he wants to revolutionise the British fitness market by offering very cheap memberships.

In a public statement, its CEO Martin Long said that“this transaction will give users of LA Fitness access to high-quality fitness centres through a network of existing and new gyms.”He furthermore added that he is confident that their facilities members will benefit from this development,

If you are looking for a good fitness gym in Eastern London you can see Hackney gym if you want to read all about it.

Road Safety Training Day in Nottinghamshire

For businesses of all types and sizes, the Nottinghamshire Road Safety Partnership will hold a special training event this coming June.

The safety event will be suitable for any business in the area.

The special safety training event organised by the Nottinghamshire Road Safety Partnership aims to help small and medium sized companies to improve and adopt driving practices to prevent accidents from happening.

According to the latest statistics,  each day there are more than 150 vehicles that are driven on company business in the United Kingdom involved in a crash.

If you are interested in attending the event, it will be held on Tuesday, June 16 at Nottingham Trent University’s Nottingham Conference Centre.

You can also visit their website at for more details.

Why An Independent School Can Be Better For Your Children


I always say that you can’t start early enough thinking about your children’s future. Some parents might even plan for their children before they are even born!

Each and every time I talk with  friends about this subject I always tell them that one of the most important things they should investigate carefully would be their children’s school.

It is a known fact that our public school system is not exactly the best. There can be many problems if you send your children to a public school: overcrowded classrooms, stressed out teachers, a lack of extracurricular activities, no opportunities for sports or to study music. For me, it was clear that pretty much all public schools in our area couldn’t offer for your children what we really want them.

Since I think that you should never make compromises when it comes to education it was clear from early on that will send our to children to a private, independent school. And rest assured, it was the best decision we ever made.

Within just one year, we’ve seen our children’s grades significantly improve. They both are enjoying the variety of classes offered with the youngest now becoming an avid soccer player and the other now learning the piano with enthusiasm.

Before you hesitate now and possibly think that you cannot afford a private school, know that there are increasingly more quality schools today that don’t cost a fortune. Either way, giving the fact that a private school will also increase your children’s chances to get a good job later on it will mean that a private, independent school is an investment will pay for itself.

If you want to see a list of good public schools in the United Kingdom you can start here at

Call them up and ask them what they can offer for your children. Here in Hertfordshire, a personal recommendation is the Kingshott Independent School. It is for affordable and offers everything we expect from a good private school.